tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:/posts SwimRI 2017-11-18T17:09:22Z tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1205525 2017-11-15T17:42:29Z 2017-11-18T17:09:22Z Team Rosters for 6th Annual SwimRI "Stuffies vs Steamers" Dual Meet - Nov 18th
Our 6th Annual SwimRI "Stuffies vs Steamers" Dual Meet will take place this Saturday, November 18th, at Providence College's Taylor Natatorium in Providence, R.I. Warm-up is at 3:00 p.m. The meet runs from 3:30 to ~5:30. Spectators and hecklers welcome!

This event is a high-school-style dual meet where each of the swimmers listed below races in 1-2 individual events and 1-2 relays. Team lineups and meet sheets are determined by the captains -- Doug Sayles for Stuffies and Trent Theroux for Steamers. In each of the prior encounters, the last relay determined the victorious team. The series stands at 3-2 in the Stuffies favor.

Order of events:
200 Medley Relay (4 x 50), 200 Free, 200 IM, 50 Free, 200 Free Relay (4 x 50), 800 Free Relay (4 x 8 x 25), BREAK, 100 Fly, 100 Free, 400 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast, Surprise Relay.

The meet sheet will be posted on deck on Saturday. Almost all of the events are coed -- one event will have separate men's and women's heats -- and there are a couple of other twists, including the final "fun" relay.

Team Party/Dinner:
By tradition, the losing team buys the first round for the winners after the meet at Ladder 133 Sports Bar & Grill, 133 Douglas Avenue, Providence. Most people stay for dinner and some bring family/guests.

Swimmers, if you have not already done so, please email douglas.sayles@swimri.org if you are bringing family/guests to dinner or if you are not staying for dinner.

Meet Roster: $20 per person payable at check-in

Stuffies Steamers
Matthew Alford Jessica Ackerman
Robert Allen George Alexandre
Angelina Bonin Alana  Aubin
Eric Burtchell Joe Bevilacqua
Mathew Card Erin Briskie
Sara Dinardo Stefanie Carter
Kaan Duru Stephanie Cotsonas
Majed Elturkmani Chris Dockray
Alford Green  Chris Doppke
Bart Grimes Paul Dow
Derek Jakoboski Lori Geisler
Carolyn KielyKilpatrick Matthew Gilson
Rosanne Leith Alford Neil Greenspan
Diane Leith-Doucett Stephen Imbusch
Donna Neuendorf Jill Lancaster
Bruce Novis Brian McKenna
Alexis Santoro Seann Mulcahy
Douglas Sayles Keri Nappi
Jillian Schneider Elliot Silva
Rob Torgerson Trent Theroux
Elizabeth Welch Connor Wallace
Kaitlin Wilcoxen Stephanie Winslow
tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1190605 2017-09-12T07:01:40Z 2017-09-12T09:05:19Z SwimRI turns out for Swim Across America - Rhode Island Swim

September 9, 2017 -- Roger Wheeler State Beach, Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Despite the serious purpose behind the annual Swim Across America-Rhode Island Swim -- the motto for which is "Making Waves to Fight Cancer" -- the clear skies, large turnout, upbeat music and festive vibe surrounding this year's fundraising event was more than welcome after a summer swim season that saw the cancellation of four R.I. open water events and two others held in less-than-stellar weather.

However, on this near-perfect Saturday morning, three dozen SwimRI team members arrived early, displayed their trademark enthusiasm and team camaraderie, and stayed well after the finish to revel in the sun and sand before moving the gathering to the upper deck of George's of Galilee just down the beach at Salty Brine.

The day's pre-swim ceremonies included a moment of remembrance and dedication, acknowledgements by SAA CEO Rob Butcher, statements from Providence College Head Swim Coach John O'Neill, doctors and clinical researchers from Womens & Infants Hospital, and heartfelt remarks from a local cancer survivor. Overall, there were well over 500 swimmers -- including over 200 college swimmers and coaches -- who collectively raised more than $180,000 in donations to support local cancer research.

Kudos on a job well done to SAA event director and former USMS-NEM member Kathleen Tetreault, the SAA staff and volunteers -- including USMS-NEM members Rick Osterberg, birthday girl Jessica Stokes, Jennifer Dowling, Tom Phillips and Ildiko Szekely -- Olympians Liz Beisel, Alex Meyer, Craig Beardsley and Clara Lamore Walker, and all of the event participants and patrons.

Special thanks to our SwimRI SAA team captain Alexis Santoro and to Frank McQuiggan for rallying the troops. Next year we anticipate an even bigger SwimRI turnout and hope to raise more funds in support of this worthy cause and very well-run event.

Additional event photos are posted on the SwimRI Facebook page.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1141840 2017-03-27T11:25:37Z 2017-04-28T09:43:58Z Spring 2017 Saturday Practice Schedules

Below are the SwimRI 2017 April-June Saturday morning Masters practice schedules. USMS membership is not required at Roger Williams University or Pods Swimming, but is required at St. George's School. For complete Masters practice schedules see Locations & Schedules. Also see Upcoming Races & Events.

@ Roger Williams University in Bristol:

Dates: 4/1, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22, 5/6, 5/27, 6/3, 6/10
Time: 7:15-9:00 a.m. (8 lanes)
Coach: Matt Emmert or Connor Devers
$5 drop-in fee payable to coach on deck.

@ Pods Swimming in East Providence:

Dates: 4/29, 5/13, 5/20
Time: 7:00-8:30 a.m.
6 lanes 7:00-8;00, 5 lanes 8:00-8:30, 4 lap/warm down lanes @ 8:30.
Saturday practices are written, swimmer-led workout unless otherwise indicated.
$5 drop-in fee or membership. To save time, sign the waiver and pay online.

@ St. George's School in Middletown:

Dates: 4/1, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/20
General warmup: 7:00 a.m. (8 lanes)
Structured practice: 7:15-9:00 a.m.
Coach: Mike Toolin
USMS membership required.
Click here to view St. George's payment requirements.

Note: Saturday practices at CCRI-Lincoln are over until next season.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1140579 2017-03-21T21:40:52Z 2017-03-21T23:29:43Z SwimRI Places 2nd at 2017 New England LMSC SCY Championships

SwimRI placed second out of 75 teams at the New England LMSC Short Course Yards Championships held at Harvard University's Blodgett Pool in Cambridge, Mass., March 12 & 17-19. Outmanned 52 to 101 in registered swimmers by first-place Charles River Masters (6785.5 points), SwimRI (3674 points) held off Maine Masters' 56 swimmers (3267 points). Our friends on the 32-swimmer South County Y team placed sixth overall (2596 points). SwimRI's top male point scorer was 76-year-old Douglas Shearer with an impressive 159 points, and the team's top woman scorer was 49-year-old Donna Neuendorf with 144 points. Click here to view the full meet results.

SwimRI 1st Place Individual Swims

30-34 Erin Briskie: 100 back. 200 back, 50 fly, 200 breast
35-39 Keri Nappi: 100 back
40-45 Jill Lancaster: 100 free, 100 IM, 50 fly
45-49 Lynne Simmons: 1650 free, 200 IM
45-49 Donna Neuendorf: 100 back, 200 back
50-54 Mary Walton: 1000 free, 100 breast

35-39 Jason Osuga: 50 back
40-44 Chris Dockray: 1650 free
45-49 Trent Theroux: 100 back
70-74 Bob Nelson: 200 IM
70-74 Tom Manfredi: 100 fly, 100 IM, 50 Fly
75-79 Doug Shearer: 50 back, 200 fly, 100 fly, 400 IM, 100 back

SwimRI Winning Relay Teams

Repeating last year’s stellar performance, SwimRI's top relay combination was once again Steph Cotsonas, Mary Walton, Lynne Simmons and Donna Neuendorf, who placed first in all four relays in the 45+ age group. Most impressive was their 400 Medley Relay time of 4:47.98, which is 0.89 seconds faster than last year when they ranked #1 nationally.

Women 25+:
200 Medley - Stephanie Winslow, Sara Finatii, Erin Briskie, Jill Lancaster
400 free - Jill Lancaster, Sara Finatii, Keri Nappi, Erin Briskie

Women 35+:
200 Free - Amy Verreault, Stephanie Winslow, Keri Nappi, Jill Lancaster

Women 45+:
200 Free, 400 Free, 200 Medley, 400 Medley - Lynne Simmons, Mary Walton, Steph Cotsonas, Donna Neuendorf

Men 45+:
200 Free - Albert Garcia, Douglas Sayles, Trent Theroux, Kaan Duru
400 Free - Trent Theroux, Albert Garcia, Kaan Duru, Douglas Sayles
400 Medley - Trent Theroux, Albert Garcia, Kaan Duru, Matthew Gilson

Mixed 25+:
200 Free - Tim Clancy, Angie Bonin, Sara Finati, Mathew Card

Mixed 45+:
200 Free - Majed ElTurkmani, Carolyn Kilpatrick, Kylee Hitz, Paul Dow

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1137407 2017-03-10T00:15:20Z 2017-03-31T15:23:35Z Wednesday eve practices at new Pods Swimming pool start March 22nd Starting March 22, 2017, there will be a weekly Masters practice each Wednesday from 6:00-7:30pm at the new Pods Swimming Aquatics Center's 6-lane, 25-yard pool located at 111 Commercial Way in East Providence. This is a swimmer-led written workout adapted for different levels (no regular on-deck coach). Lap swim is also available every day of the week.

Cost: $25 monthly facility membership ($15 seniors, $40 couples) or $50 for 10 visits or $5 drop-in fee. You may register for any of these options onsite but are encouraged to sign the facility waiver and pay online. For Masters practices select one of the lap swim options.

Contacts: Pods Swimming Program Manager - jamie.pascale@podsswimming.com or (401) 337-5678
                  SwimRI - douglas.sayles@swimri.org or (401) 633-5756

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1136475 2017-03-06T23:43:59Z 2017-03-06T23:44:58Z Join SwimRI's team for the 2017 Save The Bay Swim!

Join SwimRI's team for the Save The Bay Swim and help us support and protect a healthy Narragansett Bay.

Anyone swimming, kayaking or raising money for Save The Bay is welcome to join our team for this year's Swim. We always take an enthusiastic team photo in SwimRI t-shirts before the Swim, and we sometimes hold a family-friendly team party later that day (TBD).

For the past several years the SwimRI team and its predecessor (the former Newport Athletic Club team) has been the largest team at this event, both in the number of participants and the aggregate funds raised -- usually $20K to $40K.

You do NOT need to be a USMS-registered Masters swimmer to join our Save The Bay team.

Thank you for supporting Save The Bay!

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1135263 2017-03-01T22:00:06Z 2017-03-01T22:01:56Z Mr. Enthusiasm crests 5,000 yards in 1-Hour ePostal Swim

On the evening of February 27th, “Maestro” Matthew Jaroszewicz (a.k.a. Mr. Enthusiasm) swam exactly 5,000y in an hour at Brown, making him SwimRI’s high-yardage man for this year’s 1-Hour ePostal Swim. On the back half he fell nine seconds off his goal pace, but rallied with a 5:51 last 500 and a painful 1:05 last 100 to touch the wall at 59:59. His counter made a scene screaming encouragement during the final kick. Great effort, Matthew!

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1129700 2017-02-08T19:53:59Z 2017-02-08T19:53:59Z Feb 9th St. George's practice canceled

Due to the forecast snow storm, the Thursday Feb. 9th morning Masters practice at St. George's School has been canceled.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1125377 2017-01-23T18:27:38Z 2017-03-01T21:55:45Z 1/22/2016 Hour Swim Results & Reminders

Recap of SwimRI's three USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship heats at Roger Williams University:

  • 46 New England Masters Swim Club members (45 SWMR, 1 UNAT)

  • Aggregate yards = 173,415
    • Average yards per swimmer = 3,769.89

  • Notable swims:
    • 4,825 -- Albert Garcia, most yardage men
    • 4,670 -- Jill Lancaster, most yardage women
    • 4,725 -- Chris Dockray, highest male first-timer
    • 4,335 -- Sara Finati, highest female first-timer

  • Total yardage betting pool results (20 guesses, $100 pot, winner takes all)
    • Winner: Steph Cotsonas (off by 235y)
    • Doug Sayles (off by 370y)
    • Rita Hansen (off by 1,225y)
    • Trent Theroux (off by 1,295y)
    • Donna Neuendorf (off by 1,365y)
  • $900 donated to the RWU college swim team
    • Thanks to Coach Matt Emmert and his swimmers for counting/timing!

  • 25-30 swimmers, friends & family attended a fun post-swim lunch at Aidan's Pub


Thanks for participating everyone, and good luck to our other NEM SwimRI and South County Y friends on their upcoming hour swims!

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1127330 2017-01-18T20:08:00Z 2017-01-30T20:53:24Z Fit for 60s: Paul Dow, Swimmer

From Newport Mercury, 1/18/2017:

Paul Dow swims butterfly at the Newport Athletic Club. Photo by Dave Hansen.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1122472 2017-01-11T22:42:38Z 2017-01-30T20:42:13Z "Swimming isn't a sport, it's a lifestyle." - Diann Uustal

From The Newport Daily News, 1/9/2017:

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1121274 2017-01-07T18:39:59Z 2017-01-12T19:33:26Z January 22nd Hour Swim heat assignments at RWU

Heat assignments for the 2017 Speedo USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship on January 22nd
@ Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island (48 swimmers = 2 per lane x 8 lanes x 3 heats):

Check-in and warm-up open at 8:00am. Cost is ~$15 per swimmer (additional donations accepted) cash or check made out to "Roger Williams University." Proceeds benefit the RWU swim team -- those college swimmers will count/time for us.
We have rented the pool and, barring emergency, expect all 48 swimmers to honor their commitment.
This is a USMS-sanctioned event. All swimmers in the RWU heats must be current (2017) USMS members affiliated with New England Masters Swim Club. You may swim whatever stroke(s) you wish, at whatever pace you wish, continuously or with rest breaks. However, you must read the event rules before swimming and officially enter your results online after swimming. 
Lane assignments will be posted onsite. "Workout" swimmers listed above will be positioned side-by-side. Bruce Novis is bringing the Heat 1 workout for him and Sara Dinardo. Donna Neuendorf is bringing the workout for the seven Heat 3 workout swimmers identified above. As far as I know all other swimmers are doing continuous swim or their own thing and will be positioned in proximity to other swimmers of similar ability to the degree possible. Lane assignments will be posted onsite.
Everyone is invited to post-swim lunch at Aidan's Irish Pub.
Thanks, and please direct any questions to douglas.sayles@swimri.org or (401) 633-5756.
tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1120279 2017-01-03T21:18:17Z 2017-01-03T21:34:04Z 2017 NE-LMSC SCY Championships order of events & preliminary timeline

The order events and preliminary timeline for the 2017 New England LMSC Short Course Yards Championship Meet at Harvard (March 11 & 17-19) are posted at http://www.meetresults.com/2017/nelmscscy/schedule.shtml. Registration will open soon. If you haven't done so already, book your hotel rooms ASAP!

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1119256 2016-12-30T14:31:58Z 2016-12-30T15:43:35Z New Year's Weekend Practice Schedules

Saturday 12/31: 7:15 a.m. at St. George's School in Middletown (pool opens at 7:00), and 8:00 a.m. (pool opens at 7:45) at CCRI-Lincoln.

Sunday 1/1: No formal practices. Possible impromptu morning practice at Newport Athletic Club.

Monday 1/2: 7:30 a.m. at East Providence Boys & Girls Club.

See Locations & Schedules for more details about these practice venues.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1118379 2016-12-26T22:55:36Z 2017-01-03T20:50:26Z 2017 Speedo USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship - Local Heats

The SwimRI and South County Y workout groups are once again helping New England Masters Swim Club defend its title in the two-month-long Speedo USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship by running organized heats for 2017 USMS-NEM members. This is a sanctioned, participatory event. You may swim whatever stroke(s) you wish, at whatever pace you wish, continuously or with rest breaks. However, if you participate in our organized heats you must officially enter your results online.

For past years' results, click here. To read about the long history of the 1-Hour Swim, click here.

January 22nd @ Roger Williams University in Bristol (48 swimmers = 2 per lane x 8 lanes x 3 heats)
All heats full as of 1/2. Waiting list.
Check-in and warm-up open at 8:00am. Heats start at 9:00, 10:20 & 11:40. Cost is ~$15 per swimmer (additional donations accepted). Proceeds go to the RWU swim team -- the college swimmers will count/time for us. RSVP required to douglas.sayles@swimri.org with your prioritized heat preferences (e.g., 2-1-3). Some heat 3 swimmers usually choose to do a side-by-side interval-based workout together rather than continuous swim. Post-swim lunch at Aidan's Irish Pub.
January 29th @ St. George's School in Middletown (32 swimmers = 2 per lane x 8 lanes x 2 heats)
All heats full as of 12/29. Waiting list.

SCY and SwimRI members who participate in Fred Bartlett's South County Y practices are given priority. Other NEM Swim Club members welcome if/as space allows. Heat 1: 11:30am warm up, heat starts at 11:45. Heat 2: 12:45pm warm up, heat starts at 1:00. Cost is ~$10 per swimmer. Swimmers in one heat usually time/count for those in the other heat. Post-swim lunch at 3:00pm at Turtle Soup in Narragansett. For more info contact Fred Bartlett at swimtrirunman@aol.com.

Other heats TBD:
  • There will be a makeup heat at CCRI-Lincoln on a Saturday in February, probably around 9:45 or 10 a.m. Date TBD.
  • Fred is running one SCM heat at South County Y on February 5th. Priority given to people who practice there.
Can't join us on the above dates? Ask a coach or friend to time for you during January-February and submit your results online via the official event website by March 10thEvery yard counts toward NEM Swim Club's total!

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1117322 2016-12-21T20:57:24Z 2016-12-21T23:09:35Z Saturday practice holiday schedule

On December 24th Frank McQuiggan will coach the 8 a.m. practice at CCRI-Lincoln. The pool opens at 7:45. Bring fins if you have them. There is no practice at St. George's School in Middletown.

On December 31st there are regularly scheduled practices at both CCRI-Lincoln and St. George's School.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1114693 2016-12-12T02:01:53Z 2016-12-16T01:47:09Z SwimRI #1 medium team at 2016 NE-LMSC SCM Championships

Congrats to the 29 SwimRI members at WPI (listed below) who brought home the team gold. Hope to see more of you at this great meet next year!

With Angelina Bonin, Vincent Burks, Mathew Card, Stephen Carll, Kaan Duru, Majed Elturkmani, Sara Finati, Albert Garcia, Michael Garr, Matthew Gilson, Matthew Jaroszewicz, Duje Jelaska, Stephen Johnson, Carolyn KielyKilpatrick, Jill Lancaster, Thomas Manfredi, Frank McQuiggan, Seann Mulcahy, Keri Nappi, Robert Nelson, Donna Neuendorf, John Roccabello, Douglas Sayles, Michael Scott, Steven Sluter, Trent Theroux, Diann Uustal, Connor Wallace and Stephanie Winslow.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1110860 2016-11-25T16:46:56Z 2016-11-25T16:46:56Z Saturday 11/26 practice schedule update

On Saturday 11/26 there is no practice at CCRI-Lincoln, but there is practice at St. George's in Middletown. Saturday practices at CCRI resume 12/3.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1110718 2016-11-25T00:26:25Z 2016-11-25T00:26:48Z EPB&GC Thanksgiving holiday practice schedule changes

On Thursday 11/24 and Friday 11/25 Masters practice at East Providence Boys & Girls Club will start an hour later than usual at 6:30 a.m.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1109135 2016-11-18T19:15:42Z 2016-11-18T19:15:42Z Saturday 11/19 practice schedule update

Saturday 11/19 practice at St. George's School is canceled due to an onsite swim meet, but there is practice at CCRI-Lincoln. Good luck to those swimming in the SwimRI Stuffies v Steamers intrasquad dual meet at PC!

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1107605 2016-11-12T18:40:19Z 2016-11-12T18:43:54Z Masters Swimming program at Naval Station Newport starts Nov. 8th

Following a six-month hiatus, the Navy MWR Newport Lobsters Masters Swimming program at Naval Station Newport's six-lane, 25-meter John H. Chafee Pool will restart on November 8, 2016. Coached practices are Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00pm.

Coaches: Mike Garr (SwimRI), mikegarr@msn.com or (401) 741-7193
                Rachel Meyer (MWR aquatics head), rachel.m.meyer@navy.mil or (401) 841-2268
                Sarah Rundquist
tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1105315 2016-11-03T20:16:34Z 2016-12-30T17:52:02Z 5th Annual SwimRI "Stuffies vs Steamers" Dual Meet & Team Party - Nov. 19th

Our 5th Annual SwimRI "Stuffies vs Steamers" Intrasquad Dual Meet will take place on November 19th at Providence College's Taylor Natatorium in Providence, R.I. Warm-up is at 3:00pm. The meet runs from 3:30 to 5:30. $20 per person payable at check-in, and there is a 40-swimmer cap. RSVP to trent.theroux@jwu.edu.

For insurance purposes, all swimmers must be USMS members. SwimRI members of all abilities are welcome.

This event is a high-school-style dual meet where each swimmer races 1-2 individual events and 1-2 relays. The team lineups and races you swim will be determined by the captains -- Doug Sayles for Stuffies and Trent Theroux for Steamers. Each year the victorious team has been determined by the last relay, and the series stands at two wins apiece. This is a family friendly event, so bring friends and family to help time and/or cheer.

By tradition, the losing team buys the first round for the winners after the meet at Ladder 133 Sports Bar & Grill, 133 Douglas Avenue, Providence. Most people stay for dinner and some bring their families.

1. Jessica Ackerman
2. Gary Alpert
3. Jillian Beveridge
4. Angelina Bonin
5. Erin Briskie
6. James Burden
7. Vincent Burks
8. Mathew Card
9. Stefanie Carter
10. Lynne Czech
11. Chris Doppke
12. Chris Dockray
13. Paul Dow
14. Kaan Duru
15. Majed Elturkmani
16. Sara Finati
17. Matthew Gilson
18. Neil Greenspan
19. Michael Gregson
20. Bart Grimes
21. Stephen Imbusch
22. Jeff Kosiorek
23. Jill Lancaster
24. Gillian Langton
25. Brian McKenna 
26. Seann Mulcahy
27. Keri Nappi
28. Donna Neuendorf
29. Bruce Novis
30. Ron Patrissi
31. Mark Rafferty
32. Alexis Santoro
33. Douglas Sayles
34. Jillian Schneider
35. Paul Senecal
36. Steven Sluter
37. Tracy Smith
38. Trent Theroux
39. Connor Wallace
40. Sara Finati (sub for Liz Welch)

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1104646 2016-11-01T18:34:36Z 2016-11-01T18:39:41Z Faster Freestyle Swim Technique Workshop at NAVSTA Newport on November 5th

This Aquatic Edge clinic is run by Masters swimmer extraordinaire Karlyn Pipes. For more information, call (401) 841-6628.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1104638 2016-11-01T18:00:35Z 2016-11-03T21:34:20Z Newport Athletic Club launches revamped, coached Masters Swim Program

Starting November 2, 2016, Newport Athletic Club is offering a revamped Masters Swim Program with coached practices run by Carrie Anderson on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:30pm. All six lanes will be used if needed.

Non-NAC members: $10 per practice drop-in fee. NAC members: $7 per practice drop-in fee or $70 for each two-month session (prorated if you start mid-session).

On Sundays at 10:30am, there will be an optional, trainer-led strength and conditioning class for NAC Masters Swim Program enrollees. This class is covered covered by a separate $125 fee for each two-month session.

NAC's six-lane, 25-yard pool is indoors during fall/winter/spring (bubble on) and outdoors during summer (bubble off).

Contacts: Aquatics Director & Coach Carrie Anderson at carrietchase@gmail.com or (401) 846-7723. Swimmer Paul Dow at pdow@neboatworks.com.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1103203 2016-10-28T20:59:20Z 2016-11-01T19:16:04Z Masters Swimming Records Keep Falling for SwimRI's Diann Uustal

On October 22, the UVRays hosted their 8th Annual Leaf Peepers short course meters meet in White Junction, Vermont. Diann Uustal from SwimRI was the meet’s outstanding swimmer, setting national records in the women’s 70-74 100m backstroke (1:24.93) and 100m IM (1:24.30). Diann’s 38.93 in the 50m backstroke was just 3 one-hundredths off the national record, but was good for a New England record, as was her 45.43 in the 50m breaststroke. Excerpted from the New England LMSC blog.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1100593 2016-10-20T21:09:26Z 2017-04-28T09:45:39Z Coached USMS Saturday practices at St. George's School start 10/22

October 22nd marks the start of weekly Saturday morning Masters Swimming practices at St. George's School's 25-yard, 8-lane Hoyt Pool in Middletown. Building opens ~6:45 a.m. General warm up begins at 7:00. Structured practice runs from 7:15 to 9:00 led by a USA-S/USMS registered coach.

All swimmers must be USMS-registered and complete the St. George's Swimming Waiver. Our statewide team's USMS affiliation is the New England Masters Swim Club (NEM) and the SwimRI workout group (SWMR).

If attendance is good, these Saturday practices will continue through May 20, 2017.

$10 per workout ($5 for Tuesday/Thursday St. George's Masters swimmers) purchased in increments of five, redeemable any Saturday during the 2016-2017 season. Guest swimmers and single-swim drop-ins are not allowed at this time -- all swimmers must purchase a multi-visit pass.

Payment is via check only (no cash or credit cards) made out to "St. George's School."

Enter the campus via Lower Road and park in the lot by Hoyt Pool (building "M" on the campus map). Please do not enter via Main Drive or Kane Avenue.

See Locations & Schedules for more information about St. George's Tuesday/Thursday practices.

Contact: Aquatics Director Keri Cunningham at keri_cunningham@stgeorges.edu or (401) 842-6643.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1099856 2016-10-18T16:04:04Z 2016-10-18T20:54:18Z HAWKtoberfest Alumni & Masters Swim Meet on Sunday 10/23/2016

Onsite deck entries will be accepted on Sunday, October 23rd at the annual HAWKtoberfest Alumni & Masters swim meet at Roger Williams University in scenic Bristol, R.I. USMS membership is NOT required. Proceeds help fund the RWU college team's 2017 winter training camp.

If that's not incentive enough, join us for a post-swim social gathering at Aidan's Pub.

tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1082232 2016-08-18T14:41:13Z 2016-08-18T21:33:59Z New England Masters swimming community mourns passing of Frank Wuest
Longtime New England Masters swimmer Frank Wuest touched many people's lives. Some knew him better than others, some not at all. As the attached document indicates, Frank was a lot of things, but most of all he was a good man. During this time of mourning and remembrance there are no teams or rivalries, there is only a swimming community that shares in the shock and grief that Frank's family and our friends at Cambridge Masters must be feeling. Those of us from SwimRI who were at the Save The Bay Swim are honored to have shared some laughs with Frank before his final swim and to have competed with him one last time. We will miss him.
tag:swimri.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1074507 2016-07-20T19:18:33Z 2016-07-20T19:20:10Z WANTED: Asst swim coach for Kingfish Rhode Island USA club team

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For more information, see Upcoming Races & Events:

June 18 -- 28th Annual Mashpee Super Swim, John's Pond, Mashpee, Mass.
June 25 -- 11th Annual Narrow River Turnaround, URI Campanella Rowing Center, Saunderstown, R.I.
July 16 -- 6th Annual Waterman Eco-Challenge, Narragansett Town Beach, Narragansett, R.I.
July 23 -- 2nd Annual Misery Challenge, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass.
August 6 -- 5th Annual Rhode Island Aquatic Hall of Fame Swim, Galilee Beach, Narragansett, R.I.
August 13 -- 40th Annual Save The Bay Swim, Newport-Jamestown, R.I.
August 16 -- Salt Pond Challenge, Wuskenau Beach, Westerly, R.I.
September 10 -- Swim Across America Rhode Island, Roger Wheeler Beach, Narragansett, R.I.
September 11 -- FIRMman Rhode Island, Narragansett Town Beach, Narragansett, R.I.
September 18 -- 4th Annual Newport Sharkfest Swim, Newport, R.I.